A desire for peace

March 13, 1996
During the war years my mind was constantly invaded by several realities. I lived our daily fears and tragedies, was aware of life going on elsewhere in the world. I remembered the image of the past and more normal Lebanon along with my own individual dreams and desires. Around us life froze into a war image and the individual had time on his hands. Today, as life around us has restarted like some huge and complicated motor, as we are drawn in to participate in this new beginning, we barely have the time to be aware of our own consciousness and have to fight for time to hear ourselves think. As I look back on the work I have done over the past two years I find the common denominator is a desire for peace. I find that peace when I walk into my studio, and even more of it as I work with one image at a time on my canvas, where previously the images and time sequences in my mind crowded into my work surfaces.