Arabic Calligraphy

September 08, 2012
In 1967 I realized that of all Arabic alphabets the Kufic script was most contemporary. Its geometric shapes fitted perfectly into a world increasingly dominated by mathematics. Also it brought with it an extreme beauty, sadly absent in the digital interpretations of Latin alphabets and numerals.... Read more

“Time Spaces”

July 31, 2012
I am Lebanese but grew up in Egypt where we were forbidden to speak Arabic at school. My earliest memory: Hearing the comforting early morning call to prayer from the nearby mosque. After classical art studies in Alexandria and contemporary approach to art in the USA, I came back to Lebanon and... Read more

The pine trees called out

May 29, 2012
I was considering moving on with my painting and using a more contemporary idiom: after all it did not offer a major difficulty. Keep up with the art world…but on a car ride up in the mountains above Tarchish where the pine trees cut out parasol shapes into the pure blue sky, these elegant... Read more

Art in Lebanon

July 30, 2000
In Lebanon, lack of funds and political support for a museum of modern art has turned each gallery owner (be they experienced or novices in this field) into a curator governing their own micro-museum. It is sad to note that those who esteem themselves as being at the top of the pyramid of... Read more

A personal choice

September 28, 1997
The choice of working within a traditional rectangle is a difficult one. But it is done as an attempt to keep order, have a “point of reference” in an ever changing world where too often …anything goes. Assemblages, installations, all the gamut of contemporary expressions too... Read more

A desire for peace

March 13, 1996
During the war years my mind was constantly invaded by several realities. I lived our daily fears and tragedies, was aware of life going on elsewhere in the world. I remembered the image of the past and more normal Lebanon along with my own individual dreams and desires. Around us life froze into... Read more