Mouna Bassili Sehnaoui

Bassili Sehnaoui, Mouna

Lebanese artist, born in Alexandria, Egypt . Started her art training at the Silvio Bicci Art Academy.

Two years at the American University of Beirut then transfers to the University of Arizona, Tucson and obtains her B.F.A.

19 Personal exhibitions (Beirut. Paris, Khobar, Dubai) include one at the Beirut J.F.Kennedy Cultural Center (1973).

Group exhibitions include: Saga: Paris, Arte: Javits Center: New York, Platform International at Strassi Gallery: Washington, Art Multiple : Dusseldorf,  Liban: Regards des Peintres: Institut du Monde Arabe,Paris, Lebanon: The Artist’s View: Barbicon Center, London, Salon d’Automne: Paris, Salon d’Automne: Beirut. Salon d’Automne du Cheval : Saumur, Art Multiple: Dusseldorf, St’art: Strasbourg.

American University Museum, Katzen Art Center, Washington DC,USA., “Rebirth” 2011 Beirut Exhibition Center,Lebanon.

Her work has won several Prizes and figures in the Museum of Prints, Alexandria; the Sursock Museum, Beirut;the Art Collection of the American University of Beirut; the Bank Audi Art Collection as well as many private collections around the world.

Her style is influenced by a Middle Eastern cultural heritage as reflected in the flat treatment of colours in both Byzantine icons and Persian miniatures. The treatment of space is very personal and brings a new dimension to a figurative approach by the use of hieroglyphic –like symbols and “windows” that open to reveal an added aspect of the subject treated.

Bibliography: includes many publications and catalogues, two books “Professions and Callings” and “The Fifth Day “ published by Dar An-Nahar, Beirut. A booklet : The Orient Within, Aida Cherfan Fine Art, Beirut.

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